The Jigyasa Project (also referred to as Jigyasa) is an academic organisation that aims to educate on the intricacies of Hindu schools of thought, philosophies, heritage and literature through courses and conferences.

Values and principles

We have a unique stance to be able to present views held both within the tradition and outside of it. We aim to cultivate a critical, academic approach when studying the various narratives of Hindu thought. The Jigyasa team does not display affinities with any organisation, sect or philosophy nor promote any events outside of “The Jigyasa Project” at Jigyasa events.

We aim to present an objective representation of the strengths and weaknesses of each philosophy through epistemologically transparent material. The bedrock of our content is literary evidence.

We are a non-affiliated, not for profit organisation which delivers courses and materials free of charge. Our courses are funded by alumni on a voluntary basis. We believe that Vidya, or knowledge, should be free and accessible to all.


The Jigyasa Project, being an academic organisation, does not have any political affiliations. However, The Jigyasa Project and its Alumni have the liberty to comment on issues that are pertinent to the society.


  • Krunal Makwana
  • Ravi Purohit
  • Beena Makwana
  • Madhav Dave
  • Jahnavee Dave-Bhatt
  • Hemant Mistry
  • Jatin Bhatt