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Have you fulfilled your three debts?

The ancient texts of the Hindu sages speak of three debts that are to be paid during ones life. These three debts known in sanskrit as the ṛṇa trayi, are considered central to the life of the Hindu where the obligation of fulfilling these debts are not ideals but rather obligatory. The taittiriya samhita[1] states that … Continue reading

दिनानां नियमो नास्ति सर्वदा श्रवणं मतम्

दिनानां नियमो नास्ति सर्वदा श्रवणं मतम् – श्रीमद भागवत महात्म्यं, पद्म पुराण उत्तर खण्ड 3.45 शब्दार्थ: दिनानां – दिन में, किसी समय में, नियमो – नियम अनुसार, नास्ति – नहीं करना पडेगा, सर्वदा  – हर समय श्रेष्ट है, श्रवण – सुनने के लिए, मतम् – मेरे सोच एवें मत है भावार्थल: मेरे मत है की … Continue reading

Sri Durga Saptashati – Devi Mahatmyam – Chandi Path

Chapter 1 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch1.mp3] Chapter 2 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch2.mp3] Chapter 3 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch3.mp3] Chapter 4 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch4.mp3] Chapter 5a [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch5a.mp3] Chapter 5b [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch5b.mp3] Chapter 6 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch6.mp3] Chapter 7 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch7.mp3] Chapter 8 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch8.mp3] Chapter 9 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch9.mp3] Chapter 10 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch10.mp3] Chapter 11 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch11.mp3] Chapter 12 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch12.mp3] Chapter 13 [Download] [audio http://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/DEVI/ChandiPath/Ch13.mp3] On a side now I’d like to thank Ritesh Chauhan for inspiring me … Continue reading

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