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Appearance of His Holiness Swami Vivekananda


External Article: Gandhiji Assassin Nathuram Godse’s : Final Address to the Court.

Nathuram Godse was arrested immediately after he assassinated Gandhiji, based on a F. I. R. filed by Nandlal Mehta at the Tughlak Road Police staton at Delhi. The trial, which was held in camera, began on 27th May 1948 and concluded on 10th February 1949. He was sentenced to death.. An appeal to the Punjab … Continue reading

Aryan Invasion Theory

The Aryan invasion theory is a historical theory first put forth by the German Indologist Friedrich Max Müller and others in the mid nineteenth century in order to provide a historical explanation for the existence of Indo-European languages inI ndia. The best-known form of the theory was developed by European historians in the late nineteenth … Continue reading

How Yoga Won the West

By Ann Louise Bardach (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/02/opinion/sunday/how-yoga-won-the-west.html?_r=1) Ann Louise Bardach is a writer at large for Newsweek. She is working on a biography of Vivekananda. THE party planning is in full swing throughout India. Never mind that the big day, Jan. 12, 2013, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vivekananda, is more than 15 months … Continue reading

My beloved citizens of our land – Anna Hazare

This is a translation of Anna Hazare’s letter, I have made the effort to translate as I believe there are a considerable amount of NRIs’ who are passionate about what is happening in India but who do not have the means to read Hindi. A war has now started against corruption, our fight is not … Continue reading

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