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Dharma – Reasoning = Adharma

केवलम शास्त्रमाश्रित्य न कर्तव्य् हि निर्नयः।
युक्ति विचारेतु धर्माहानिः प्रजायते॥

kevalama śāstramāśritya na kartavy hi nirnayaḥ |
yukti vicāretu dharmāhāniḥ prajāyate || – Brihaspati

Ensure decisions are not made solely on the authority of sacred scriptures and devoid of reasoning, otherwise one causes destruction of Dharma.

kevalama shAstramAshritya na kartavy hi nirnayaH.
yukti vichAretu dharmaahAniH prajAyate ..


About Makwana

A student of Sanatan Vedic Dharma


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