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Rape and the absence of leadership

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From the time of the Delhi rape, to the time of writing this column, around 960 rapes have happened in India. My clever words are meaningless, I want to smash the faces of the rapists.

Amir Khan, the actor, produced a series of TV programmes on social issues in India in an effort to educate the masses. TV and celebrity can do what no other medium or individual can achieve – especially in India.

So where are you Sachin Tendulkar? Why haven’t you spoken up about the rape in Delhi? Where are you Amitabh Bacchaan? Shah Rukh Kahn? For all those critical of Bollywood importing Western values – it should have imported the values of Angelina Jolie, of all those US actors and actresses who use their celebrity to highlight pressing social causes. Why hasn’t India imported more Western values? Where is the leadership?

Of all those critical of India…

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