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yajur veda

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śukla  yajur veda   (download)

kṛṣṇyajur veda  (download)

The yajur veda  is a compilation of g vedic mantras used mainly in external worship, primarily fire sacrifice recited by adhvaryu priests. The word ‘yajus’ derives itself from the sanskrit word ‘yaja’ which means ‘to worship’. A further explanation is also provided in the śatapatha brāhmaṇa[2] where it explains ‘yat‘ means dynamic/moving and ‘juh‘ means sky declaring the verses of the veda is symbolic to the natural dynamism of the sky.

The veda lays great emphasis on detailed procedures for various sacrifices. Unlike the g veda,which is used mainly for chanting, the yajur veda lays much importance to sacrificial formulae and accurate recitation of Vedic hymns. It is interesting to note that the yajur veda shows a gradually predominance of deities who are rarely praised in the g veda.

The yajur veda is divided into two major sections, the kṛṣṇa (Black) yajur veda and śukla (White) yajur veda. There is a purāic story which describes the division in detail[1]. The two versions differ mainly in metre and phonetics during recitation.

NOTE: The above sanskṛta refers to the śukla yajur veda audio only.

[1] śatapatha brāhmaṇa
[2] viṣṇu purāṇa 3.5

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One thought on “yajur veda

  1. You have done a great job by providing these audio for learners like me. But I wonder where the audios for the sukla and krsna yajur vedas are. Are these missing or not yet uploaded?

    Posted by Basista Bhandari | December 31, 2013, 10:42 pm

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