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ṛg veda


The g veda is the oldest veda of all four and contains hymns for divine Gods. The main deities of g veda are agni, indra and soma. Although there are various deities worshipped within the g veda it is important to mention that the sages acknowledged that each deity is just another personification of one divine truth[1]. The word ‘g’ is derived from the sanskrit word k which means ‘to praise’. The mantras of the g veda are chanted by priests who are known as Hotri’s.

The sahitā section of the gveda is divided into 10 sections named mandalas. Each mandalas has various hymns which are known as sūktas. Each sūkta is then further divided into mantras which are known as ks. In total there are estimated to be 1028 sūktas made up of10,170 ks.

[1] gveda –  ekaṁ sadviprā bahudhā vadanti 1.164.46 The copyright of the article ṛg veda is owned by the Jigyasa Team. Permission to republish in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.

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