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The Origin of Vedic Civilisation

Hinduism has no single founder or a foundational event, as is the case with Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism or Christianity. However Hinduism or Vedic civilisation started with the collective efforts of spiritual individuals who acquired spiritual realisation when in deep meditation.

It is important to note that western academic scholars and the traditional Hindu view differ considerably regarding the development of Vedic civilisation. In general, the overall academic view is that groups of civilisations around the world sprung gradually over time from earlier primitive states around 5000 years ago. Hence, the earliest date they would assign to Hinduism would be between 3000 and 2000 BC when the primitive people who inhabited the Indian subcontinent began to develop more civilised and sophisticated social and cultural forms.

The traditional view, however is that the Vedic civilisation is much older than western scholars claim. The Puranas and historical events written in religious literature contest that Vedic civilisation was much older and already civilised with structures in place for social, economic and spiritual growth.

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