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Happy Guru Purnima 2012

The Jigyasa Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Guru Purnima!

नमोऽस्तु ते व्यास विशालबुद्धे फुल्लारविन्दायतपत्रनेत्र।
येन त्वया भारततैलपूर्णः प्रज्वालितो ज्ञानमयः प्रदीपः॥

namo’stu te vyāsa viśālabuddhe phullāravindāyatapatranetra |
yena tvayā bhāratatailapūrṇaḥ prajvālito jñānamayaḥ pradīpaḥ ||

Obesciences to vyāsa, of broad intellect and with eyes like the petals of a full-blown lotus,
by whom the lamp of knowledge, filled with the oil of the Mahabharata, has been lighted!


About Makwana

A student of Sanatan Vedic Dharma


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