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Rig Veda – Agni Sukta – Sukta 1

The Agni sukta is a hymn dedicated to the deity of fire and forms the first hymn of the Rig Veda. The hymn glorifies Agni and establishes the deirty as the mediator between the various pantheon of Vedic deities and the worshippers of the sacrificial fire

Agni Sukta Translated by Ramakrishna Janasvami
1. I glorify Agni, the high priest of sacrifice, the divine, the ministrant, who is the offerer and possessor of greatest wealth.
2. May that Agni, who is worthy to be praised by ancient and modern sages, gather the Gods here.
3. Through Agni, one gets lot of wealth that increases day by day. One gets fame and the best progeny.
4. O Agni, you are surrounding the non-violent sacrifice on all sides, that which indeed reaches (in) the gods.
5. May Agni, the sacrificer, one who possesses immense wisdom, he who is true, has most great fame, divine, come hither with the gods.
6. O Agni, whatever good you will do and whatever possessions you bestow (upon worshiper), that, O Angiras, is indeed your essence.
7. O Agni, dispeller of darkness, we approach near thee (thy vicinity) with thought (willingness), day by day, while bearing obeisance.
8. (We approach) Thee, the shining, the protector of non-injuring sacrifices, growing in your own dwelling, the bright star of truth.
9. O Agni, be easily accessible to us, like a father to his son. Accompany us for our well being.


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One thought on “Rig Veda – Agni Sukta – Sukta 1

  1. Nice one, Mr. Makwana!
    Agni is, no doubt, the keystone to the understanding of Rig-Veda.
    also, this might be of some interest…

    Posted by kalicharantuvij | April 15, 2012, 11:57 am

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