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Shuddhadvaita Vedanta

Chatuh Shloki by Sri Vallabhacharya

॥ अथ चतुःश्लोकि॥
|| atha catuḥśloki ||
Thus commences the four verses
[Outlining the fundamentals of the path of Grace]

सर्वदा सर्व-भावेन भजनीयो व्रजाधिपः।
स्वस्यायम् एव धर्मो हि नान्यः क्वापि कदाचन॥ १॥

sarvadā sarva-bhāvena bhajanīyo vrajādhipaḥ |
svasyāyam eva dharmo hi nānyaḥ kvāpi kadācana || 1 ||

At all times, with constant ecstasy, worship the Lord of Vraj, This alone is the supreme duty, [apart from this there is] none other [duty that need be performed] at any time.

एवं सदा स्म कर्तव्यं स्वयमेव करिष्यति।
प्रभुः सर्व-समर्थो हि ततो निश्चिन्ततां व्रजेत्॥ २॥

evaṁ sadā sma kartavyaṁ svayameva kariṣyati |
prabhuḥ sarva-samartho hi tato niścintatāṁ vrajet || 2 ||

Thus continue worshiping [him], as your [supreme Lord], he alone will do what is necessary, The Lord [alone] is ever prefect [and will provide all you welfare], therefore be ever free from [all your] worries.

यदि श्री-गोकुलाधीशो धृतः सर्वात्मना हृदि।
ततः किं अपरं ब्रूहि लौकिकैर्वैदिकैरपि॥ ३॥

yadi śrī-gokulādhīśo dhṛtaḥ sarvātmanā hṛdi |
tataḥ kiṁ aparaṁ brūhi laukikairvaidikairapi || 3 ||

If you have chosen the Lord of Gokul in your heart, with all intention, without reservation and deviation, then tell me why worry about your material or religious life? [as the Lord will take care of everything for you]

अतः सर्वात्मना शश्वद् गोकुलेश्वर-पादयोः।
स्मरणं भजनं चापि न त्याज्यं इति मे मतिः॥ ४॥

ataḥ sarvātmanā śaśvad gokuleśvara-pādayoḥ |
smaraṇaṁ bhajanaṁ cāpi na tyājyaṁ iti me matiḥ || 4 ||

Therefore, having continual unflinching devotion to the feet of the Lord of Gokul, do not forsake remembering him, singing his praises [and other methods to be engaged in his worship], thus is my belief.

Translated By: Krunal Makwana

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