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Sewa Day – My inspirational experience

On Sunday 25th September, a group of like minded people across the world came together in the name of service to offer their expertise and time in volunteering in which ever they can.

Our project for this great endeavour initiated and inspired by Mr Ravi Purohit, an orthoptist, was to offer free eye tests for the unprivileged. Mr Purohit together with two other opticians and a handful of volunteers worked tirelessly together in making sure that all preparations were made to make this project a success.

Whilst Mr Purohit, oversaw the overall project coordination, and the opticians tirelessly seeing patients, the volunteers were busy going out and finding new patients and explaining their eligibility for free eye tests. Although at first reluctant they eventually started coming in numbers through the doors of Chapman and Partners Opticians (44 Market Place, Leicester, LE1 5GF), owned by Mr Peter Kirby, who kindly allowed us to use his practice for this cause.

Although I’ve explained above the overall gist of the day, a few things really touched me and I thought I’d share it with the readers of the blog.

One thing I found remarkable is the unity of service and the availability of volunteers and personnel for a good cause. Regardless if you call this religious service or just service to humanity, people are all willing to help. The dedication of all the volunteers taking part was nothing by magical.

Whilst the volunteers were going around finding patients or going to places where they would be either in hostels or on the streets, they found numerous other organisations providing their own services from distributing food, organising accommodation and at the same time being ever so helpful in making sure our project was a success by diverting people to the opticians centre.

My most profound inspiration came from the patients themselves, listening to some of the stories of how they have been living and in what situations, one thing that did not leave their face was their smile. Regardless of all of their strife they were still smiling. There were some who did not know where they would be sleeping that night, maybe on the streets or luckily in a hostel, there were some who were completely homeless and haven’t had shelter since they could remember. However even with all this pain and anguish they would smile and joke and take life on the chin but smile nonetheless.

I think this point of mine made the most impact on me, we who are virtually guaranteed a roof over our head and food on the table, complain about not having the latest gadget, the latest clothes, eat in lavish restaurants, none of which I say should be condoned but I think we should always put into perspective how fortunate we are to have the littlest of things such as basic water and nutricious food, something which for the unprivileged is a luxury if not a distant wish!

Remember Love yourself, your family, your friends and your strangers

With this note I end this post!

God Bless!


Time: 8:30am – 7:00pm
15: Patients seen
07: Issued
02: Referred
03: Transport provided
01: Organised accommodation
08: Volunteers

For More Information on Sewa Day : http://www.sewaday.org

Volunteers: Ravi Purohit, Neetu Bhatti, Vishal Thakkrar, Peter Kirby, Hemisha Parekh, Aarti Hansrani, Beena Makwana, Krunal Makwana


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A student of Sanatan Vedic Dharma


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