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The transformed pysche of the Hindu mind

Over time, Hinduism as we know it today has endured great amounts of spiritual, political and emotional strife both from within itself and externally too. The sampradayic quibbles have created cancerous cells within the body of Hinduism and is slowly eroding the very being of its existence.

The effects of sampradayic quibbles have not shown scars until very recently when the identity of young Hindu’s was in question. Unfortunately Hinduism has become a socio-economical way of thinking with no spiritual belief within the core of the individual, the misrepresentation of culture being religion has penetrated the core of young minds and now to re-educate the minds regarding true Hinduism seems a distant if not an impossible challenge.

For the young British Asian, Hinduism is allotted into specific modes of life, going temple is Hindu, celebrating Diwali is Hindu but living the life of a Hindu seems to be too far fetched.

Many sampradayas have exposed themselves as the ‘saviour’ for all mankind, but the question is not if the sampradaya is a ‘saviour’ but what does it say about itself in relation to another.

The pitfall for the young Hindu is not, which sampradaya they should follow, but the imprint of the sampradaya being a dogmatic, dictatorial and doctrinal way of thinking. It has given the human mind the scapegoat to stop thinking.

Sampradayas with its spiritual and political regime must accept the accountability of diluting and adulterating Hinduism as a whole, they have attached a stigma to all other sampradayas apart from their own. The complex of superiority vs. inferiority has crushed the pillars of what Hinduism used to stand on since time immemorial.

The ancient hymn of the Veda which sings ‘there is only one truth known to men by different names’ seems a distant echo to the pseudo-Hinduism of today.

The ‘religi-autocratic’ approach seems to have found a safe haven in the minds of obtuse people, but neither should the blame go onto the individual but rather to the sampradaya, who is rearing and grooming for the next bait.

The religious world seems to be a constant playing ground for sampradayas to flaunt their philosophy and political power where the impetus is driven by the obsession of supremacy.

Once when Vedic India was a land which thrived with so many religious beliefs, where acceptance, love and respect, was paramount, seems now to be a competitive world tournament. On one hand India is struggling in resisting Abrahamic missionaries and on the other, battling within itself to gain power of the spiritual Hindu domain.


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