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Suktam, Veda

Verse 7 – Puruṣa sūkta

Rishi: Narayana, Chanda: nichrut aarshi pankti, Devata: Puruṣa

तस्मा॑द्य॒ज्ञात्स॑र्व॒हुत॒ ऋचः॒ सामा॑नि जज्ञिरे ।
छन्दाँ॑सि जज्ञिरे॒ तस्मा॒द्यजु॒स्तस्मा॑दजायत ।।

tasmād yajñāt sarvahuta ṛicaḥ sāmāni jajñire |
chandām̐si jajñire tasmād yajus tasmād ajāyata ||

tasmāt – from that, yajñāt – from the sacrifice, sarvahuta – all the oblations, ṛicaḥ – ṛg veda, sāmāni – sāma veda, jajñire – were created, chandām̐si – metres, jajñire – were created, tasmāt – from that,  yajus – yajur veda,  tasmāt – from that, ajāyata – were created

Literal: From that sacrifice and all the oblations, ṛg chants and sāma chants were created, from that metres were created, from that the yajur chants was created.

Interpretative: From that sacrifice [named sarvahutah, where the supreme puruṣa was the oblation], were created the ṛg chants [for the ṛg veda], sāma chants [for the sāma veda], the metres [such as gāyātri, for chanting them] and also the yajur chants [for the yajur veda].

हिन्दी: उस विराट के यग्य रुपी पुरुष से ऋग्वेद प्रकटा. उसी से सामवेद प्रकटा. उसी से यजुर्वेद प्रकटा हुआ. उसी से अथर्व वेद का प्रादुर्भाव हुआ.

Ralph T.H. Griffith Translation: From that great General Sacrifice Richas and Sâma hymns were born: Therefrom were spells and charms produced; the Yajus had its birth from it.

This is mantra 10 in ṛg Veda Puruṣa sūkta


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