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Suktam, Veda

Verse 5 – Puruṣa sūkta

Rishi: Narayana, Chanda: nichrut aarshi anushtup, Devata: Puruṣa

तस्मा॑द्वि॒राड॑जायत वि॒राजो॒ अधि॒ पूरु॑षः ।
स जा॒तो अत्य॑रिच्यत प॒श्चाद्भूमि॒मथो॑ पु॒रः ।।

tasmād virāḍ ajāyata virājo adhi puruṣaḥ |
sa jāto aty aricyata paścād bhumim atho puraḥ ||

tasmāt – after which virāt – the universal being, ajāyata – came into existence, virājah – existent with numerous entities, adhi – pervading, puruṣaḥ – the being, sa – that being, jātah – was born,  atyaricyata – separated, paścāt – after,  bhumim – the earth, atha – afterwhich, puraḥ – places

Literal: After which this universal being came into existence who created another puruṣa. This puruṣa, pervading all, dividing himself created the earth, numerous entities and afterwhich places.

Interpretive: After which [from the supreme puruṣa], virāt puruṣa [the universal being] came into existence, who [then] created another puruṣa. This puruṣa pervading all, dividing himself created the entire material creation, numerous entities including souls, demi-gods and after which places [for them to reside].

हिन्दी: उस परम पुरुष से विराट उपजा. विराट से स्रूष्टि उपजी.  उस से भूमि पैदा हुई फिर जिव पैदा हुए.

Ralph T.H. Griffith Translation: From him Virâj was born; again Purusha from Virâj was born. When born, he spread to west and east beyond the boundaries of earth.


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