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Suktam, Veda

Verse 4 – Puruṣa sūkta

Rishi: Narayana, Chanda: nichrut aarshi anushtup, Devata: Puruṣa

त्रि॒पादू॒र्ध्व उऐ॒त्पुरु॑षः॒ पादो॑ स्ये॒हाभ॑व॒त्पुनः॑ ।
ततो॒ विष्व॒ङ्व्य॑क्रामत्साशनानश॒ने अ॒भि ।।

tripād ūrdhva ud ait puruṣaḥ pādo syehābhavat punaḥ |
tato viṣvaṅ vy akrāmat sāśanānaśane abhi ||

tripāt – three fourths, ūrdhva – above, udait – rise, puruṣaḥ – the being, pādah – one quarter, asya – of which, eha – here, abhavat – comes fourth, punaḥ – again,  tatah – afterwhich viṣvaṅ – all beings, vyakrāmat – pervades, sāśana  – those that consume, anaśane – those that do not consume, abhi – come

Literal: Three fourths of puruṣa rise above and of which one quarter comes fourth again and pervades all beings that consume and those that do not consume

Interpretive: Three fourths of this puruṣa rise above and the fourth quarter comes fourth producing and pervading this creation of all beings that consume and those that do not consume.

हिन्दी: परम पुरुष के तीन पैर उर्ध्वलोक में समाए हुए हैं. एक भाग में इहलोक समाहित है. जड, चेतन सभी इस के इस पैर में समाहित है.

Ralph T.H. Griffith Translation: With three fourths Purusha rose up: one fourth of him again was here. Thence he moved forth to every side over what eats not and what eats.


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