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Happy Radhashtami!

nāma mahādhana he apano | nahi dusari saṁpati aur kamāṇi |
chor atāri atā jaga ke | hum ko kutiyā braja māhi banāni ||

Your name is the greatest of all wealth, nay the wealth of money or prosperity
I forsake the desires of this world, please provide me a small shelter within Vrindavana

tūka mile rasikoke sadā | aur pibanako yamuna jala pāni |
hame auranki parvāḥ hinahī | apani thakorāni śrī rādhikā rānī ||

May I continuously be in the presence of your devotess and drink the water of Yamuna
I care not for any other, only my Lordess Srimati Radharani

śrī rādhā meri svāmini | aur mein mahārāniji kā dāsa
janama janama mohe dijiye | śrī vṛndavana vāsa ||

Sri Radha is my Lordess, and me her eternal servant
From birth to birth I ask only one favour, may I be an eternal resident in Sri Vrindavana


About Makwana

A student of Sanatan Vedic Dharma


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