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Suktam, Veda

Verse 2 – 16 Verses in praise of Rudra from Rudrashtadhyayi

Verse 2

Rishi: Parameshti, Chanda: Aarshisvarat anushtup, Devata: Rudra

या ते॑ रुद्र शि॒वा त॒नूरघो॒रापा॑पकाशिनी । तया॑ नस्त॒न्वा॒ शंत॑मया॒ गिरि॑शन्ता॒भि चा॑कशीहि ।।
yā te rudra śivā tanúr aghorāpāpakāśinī | tayā nas tanvā śaṃtamayā giriśantābhi cākaśīhi ||

– he, te – Your, rudra – O Rudra, śivā – peaceful/auspicious/beneficial, tanúh – form, aghorā – calming, apāpakāśinī – the preventer of sinful activity and bestower of spiritual fruits, tayā – that, nah – to us, tanvā – by your form, śaṃtamayā – the producer of happiness, giriśanta – the one who abides in the himalayas, abhicākaśīhi – look at us with your grace.

Literal: O Rudra, your form which is peaceful, auspicious, beneficial, calming and preventer of sinful activity, through this form which is the producer of happiness, O Lord, residing in the Himalayas may you look at us with your grace.

Interpretive: O Rudra, residing in the Himalayas bestow upon us your grace with your form which produces happiness, peace, auspiciousness, calmness, spiritual benefit and prevents sinful activity.

Ralph T.H. Griffith Translation: With that auspicious form of thine, mild, Rudra! pleasant to behold, Even with that most blessèd form, look, Mountain-haunter! here on us.


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