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Suktam, Veda

Verse 1 – 16 Verses in praise of Rudra from Rudrashtadhyayi

Verse 1:

Rishi: Parameshti, Chanda: Gayatri, Devata: Rudra

ॐ नम॑स्ते रुद्र म॒न्यव॑ उ॒तो त॒ इष॑वे॒ नमः॑ । बा॒हुभ्या॑मु॒त ते॒ नमः॑ ।।

namas te rudra manyava utó ta iṣave namaḥ | bāhubhyām uta te namaḥ || 1 ||

namah – obescience, te – to you, rudra – O Rudra*, manyave – ferocious or anger, uta – and, te – to your, iṣave – arrows, namaḥ – my obesciences, bāhubhyām – shoulders/arms, uta – and, te – to your, namaḥ – my obesciences

Literal: O Rudra, my obesciences to your anger, moreover obesciences to your arrows and obesciences to your arms/shoulders.

Interpretive: O Rudra, my obesciences to your anger, to your shoulders and arms [which carry your bow] and finally to your arrows [which destroy your transgressors].

Ralph T.H. Griffith Translation: Homage be paid unto thy wrath, O Rudra, homage to thy shaft: to thy two arms be homage paid.

*The word rudra has many meanings:
ru – sorrow and ignorance + drāvayati – he who melts or destroys = He who destroys sorrow and ignorance
rut – knowledge + rāti – he who gives = He who bestows knowledge
rodayati iti rudra – he who makes people cry

NOTE: All interpretive translations will be of my own unless stated otherwise.

sastum sahitya vardhak kaaryalay
sampaadak: purushottam jogibhai bhatta


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